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:: betrayed ::

What happened to our friendship?

It just suddenly faded . .
now u became someone that i hated.
I don't understand what happened,
You haven't made it clear.
Everything was lost, n that was what i feared.

You never realize how much friends
mean to you until they leave you.
Why Must I care you when you treat
 me as a THING than as a FRIEND??
One day you will be pay for it...
Someone will let you feel that way!!!

This time i think our friendship will end...
everyone says we're sister...
and repeatedly you stabbed me...
harshly in my back...

do you ever wonder why i'm laughing with a group of friends on a second, but two seconds later i have a distant look in my eyes, three seconds later i have no track of the conversation, four seconds later i wish i was anywhere but there, five seconds later i'm forcing the smile back on my face pretending that i did not  know what's going on, when really i'm too caught up with all the thoughts in my broken heart.

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